I have been enamored by art ever since I can remember.   I love to create so since a very early age I have been painting, drawing, dancing, singing, modeling, and of course, taking photos.  My love for photography began as early as 5 years old.  I was that one kid that would bring their camera everywhere I went!  No special occasion or reason, I just loved taking pictures!  I had my fair share of disposables and I used to “borrow” my mother’s 110 format point-and-shoot camera. I didn’t care how but I was sure to document every place I went.  My mother used to get so upset at me always taking her camera.  Still, she understood how passionate I was about photography and always gave in. Around 1987, I heard on the radio there was a contest and the prize was a camera. Needless to say, I entered the contest and I knew it was meant…  I  won and got my very own Polaroid 600 series camera!  Yes, the one with the instant pictures coming out of the front slot!  No fancy equipment and not the very best child photographer out there but I was willing to learn and an open heart for a different perspective.  As a teenager, I had the opportunity to dab into modeling as well as theater and film making, which is when I develop a strong interest in professional photography.

In 1993, I began my serious amateur journey while in High School.  Without hesitation, I decided to take photography classes as one of my electives.  I was so excited!  Through that experience, I learned everything from how to make pin-hole cameras, matting and framing techniques, darkroom procedures, and push processing/film developing.  After graduating from high school in 1995, I worked for a few big portrait studios where I fine-tuned my skills in infants and family portraiture.  Working for big portrait studios was a great learning experience on how a studio operates and the business side of the industry, however I wanted to produce art and a different experience. 

Times have changed so much since I first started!  I am nostalgic, so my appreciation for the traditional Dark Room is unwavering!  But I admit the introduction of the Digital Darkroom Photography has unlocked many more ways to create and push your limits as an artist.  It has allowed me to continue to evolve as a photographer and acquire additional skills in Photography,  film making, production, and graphic design.  But honestly, as much as I enjoy Digital Photography and the convenience it brings, what I enjoy the most about doing Photography is not gear or technology, is the human interaction.  I want to be able to capture something special and unique; those moments we treasure and remember so dearly!   There, in that threshold, is where you find me…  Where what is in plain sight meets the heart…   My favorite  to shoot moments in between checking my lighting and camera settings that you can’t pose for or plan for.   I love when people are comfortable and do not suspect I am watching.  Those moments where people are just conversing and interacting naturally is where I find the most magic.  That second of time where if you blink too long, the moment is gone forever.  I want to capture those timeless little pieces of time that makes a person an individual.  Moments that make you proud to showcase, a family heirloom to past down to future generations, and makes the future look back, a reason to smile…  I am always trying to find that “one” moment in time and preserve it; make them more than just a faded memory…  I really want to make those moments immortal.  I can’t explain the feeling I feel when my clients review the shots from their session and see those unexpected moments captured.  I can see their faces light up, the excitement, the love, the smiles, the laughs…   I can’t explain the feeling but it is so awesome!  I know I am such a mush, but I just love Photography!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to speak to you soon!